The Silver Lining


Cloudscape at sunrise

We have all been through a lot these past few months.  Uncertainty, fear, anger, resentment and confusion to name a few. We have been forced to stay inside, isolate, enter lock down, our freedoms to roam about and do what we please taken away.  Small businesses were forced to close, people lost jobs. People still got sick and died apart from their families.

Although there has been a lot of suffering and pain, we have learned a lot. We have learned that we are here for each other. People stopped to think about others. Their elderly neighbor needed food and supplies and they went and shopped for them. Instead of idolizing celebrities, we now hold nurses, doctors and teachers in high regard. We never appreciated them this way before. We’ve always needed them, but now we understand their passion, skill, compassion and dedication.

Companies understand that their employees are able to work remotely and still get their jobs done. Employees appreciate the work-life balance as well as saving time and money with no commute. The freeways opened up, smog and pollution dissipated and our air is clearer.

Parents are teaching their children and learning something new every day. Children and teens are interacting with their parents more and less with their handheld devices. People have realized the need to go out into nature, to exercise, to breathe fresh air instead of staying inside binge watching tv shows or scrolling through social media.

Our lives are intertwined.  We are all fighting an invisible enemy and realizing that life as we know it has changed.  How we proceed has yet to be seen, but how we have changed is evident.  We have to realize that despite how we were born, we are all human. We all want to be happy and to do this, we all have to live together for the greater good of all.

Always, always, look for the silver lining.  For it is in hope that we endure.