Spring Homebuying Tips




Spring is in the air and for a lot of people, it’s the time to start house hunting.

Buying a new home is popular in the spring as longer days and better weather make it easier for homebuyers to explore neighborhoods and attend open houses.

If you’re looking to get a mortgage loan or maybe thinking about relocating, it’s a good time to start shopping for homeowners’ insurance. It’s best to start shopping at least 45 days prior to closing on a home loan.

Allowing a few extra weeks to shop around for coverage not only ensures you won’t delay your closing date, but it also gives Apollo Insurance Services more time to evaluate and determine your coverage needs.

Insure the home at its replacement cost, not market value.

One common misconception shared by many homebuyers is that they only need enough homeowner’s insurance to cover the value of their mortgage or the home’s market value, but basing home’s insurance amount on those numbers will often leave their house either over – or underinsured.

What needs to be covered is the home’s replacement cost, or the amount it’d cost to rebuild the home at today’s cost of labor and construction. The replacement cost doesn’t include the cost of land, so the home’s replacement cost is often lower than its market value.

Apollo Insurance Services will:

  • Generate an estimate of your home’s replacement cost when you shop for a policy with us.
  • Compare pricing and coverage with different insurance companies.
  • Now that Apollo is owned by Confie – we have more insurance options in this challenging market.

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