Spring Blooms in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park, California Wildflower Super Bloom

When Joshua Tree comes to mind you might think of stargazing and desert horned sheep, but have you considered Joshua Tree during its spring bloom? This natural phenomenon doesn’t happen every year… but with the amount of rain that has recently come through Southern California it’s predicted Joshua Tree will have a lush transition into spring.

According to DesertUSA, flowers have already started to appear at lower elevations and Joshua Tree National Park reports a massive bloom to ensue. Witness reds, yellows, purples and blues splashing across the park’s normally muted landscape. During Joshua Tree’s spring season, the National Park Service posts wildflower reports on their website.

Tips for your visit to Joshua Tree:

  • Wear comfortable shoes – chances are that between hiking the trails and wildflower viewing, you’ll also have the chance to climb some of Joshua Tree’s famous boulders. Wear comfortable shoes that you won’t be afraid of getting dirty.
  • Be careful of cactus – Although the blooms will be gorgeous, please be cautious on the trails because there are a lot of cacti among the blooming flowers. Use the buddy system when walking the trails.
  • Know the area – Pick up a map at the visitor center located near the entrances to Joshua Tree. Rangers will happily answer your questions and point you in the best direction to where spring blooms are at their peak.
  • Stay hydrated – Although it might be cooler than the summer months it’s always important to stay hydrated when exploring the wilderness and being active.