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november newsletter
november newsletter

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I asked some of the team at Apollo what their favorite thing about Thanksgiving is and here’s what they said:

Ken Potter, VP – My favorite thing about Thanksgiving are the sights, sounds and smells! I enjoy seeing my wife smiling while we chop vegetables and prepare the turkey. I love having family and friends around to share stories and reminisce about the past and look forward to things to come.

Joseph Cohen,, Manager, Business Development – The thing I love most about Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful for the blessings in my life. To have the ability to host a family gathering, eat some great food, and to be loving to others is all something to be thankful for. 

Karen Irwin:, Insurance Services Manager – My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is having all of my family together.

Julia Barragan, Insurance Services Supervisor – What I love most is being with family.
Roland Taylor, Business Analyst – Playing touch football before the big meal and then the huge game of Monopoly afterwards!

Gail Christner, Marketing Analyst – I love the tradition of gathering at my cousin’s house every year. They host over 40 people and we bring our favorite dishes to share while we enjoy each other’s company and count our blessings.

All of us at Apollo are thankful to have you as our customers and we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

november newsletter

How to Survive the Holiday Travel Season

As the holiday season approaches, so does a busy travel season. The chaos can put a damper on your cheerful spirit if you aren’t prepared. Here are some of Travel Insured’s top tips to survive holiday season travel:

Take the road less traveled

Even if you know where to drive, use a navigation app (Google Maps, Waze, etc) to keep you on the least congested route.

Take precautions for your electronics

Add password protection to your devices if you haven’t already done so. If you’re checking your bank account, or anything else confidential, don’t use public Wi-Fi. Travelers often forget that even hotel Wi-Fi is a target for hackers, since they know tourists are there.

Keep the kids happy

When traveling with children, pack yummy snacks for them. If they’re being disruptive to others it could help to distract them with a snack. You could also gift your snacks to nearby travelers as a “thank you for being patient with us” offering.

Always arrive at least an hour early to the airport

Airports are particularly crowded around holidays. Showing up early ensures you won’t miss your flight due to long lines. Having extra time to kill is better than running to your gate or missing your departure.

Don’t travel with wrapped gifts

You should pack your gifts unwrapped or you risk TSA opening the gift before the intended recipient! Another alternative is to use gift bags instead of wrapping paper. You can pack gift wrap and tape in your bag to put the gift together post-security checkpoint. If you’re still concerned, you can always ship your gifts to your destination instead of packing them.

Make your baggage stand out

Invest in a unique colored/patterned bag or find a bright luggage tag or ribbon to attach. This can help you recognize your bag easily at baggage claim and in crowded overhead bins.

Don’t over pack, except for medication

Take enough of your prescription medications for the duration of the trip, plus extra in case you aren’t able to return home on time. Weather can be pretty unpredictable around the holidays, which means travel plans are susceptible to delays and cancellations.

Help prepare for the unexpected with travel protection

A travel protection plan can be useful during one of the busiest times of the year. There are more important things to have on your mind, so let travel protection help you travel relaxed, travel secure, travel insured. For more information, click here.

november newsletter

Thanksgiving Day Quiz

We celebrate Thanksgiving every year during the fourth Thursday in November, eat lots of delicious roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and velvety pies but what do we really know about the traditions that started after the Pilgrims feast at Plymouth Rock?
  1. Where was the first Thanksgiving parade held?
    1. Washington, DC
    2. New York
    3. Philadephia
  2. Which NFL teams played in the first Thanksgiving game in 1934?
    1. Dallas Cowboys & Chicago Bears
    2. Detroit Lions & Chicago Bears
    3. Dallas Cowboys & Detroit Lions
  3. How many turkeys do Americans eat each Thanksgiving?
    1. 23 million
    2. 46 million
    3. 55 million
  4. Which pie do most Americans prefer?
    1. Pumpkin
    2. Pecan
    3. Apple
  5. Black Friday is the busiest day for?
    1. Restaurants
    2. Plumbers
    3. House Cleaners

Answers: 1c,2b,3b,4c,5b

november newsletter

Black Friday Shopping? Don’t leave gifts on car seats

You might be leaving your car at home unattended while traveling for the holidays, or maybe you’re staying local and hitting the Black Friday sales. Either way, you’ll want to protect your car from break-ins.

Here are tips you can follow to help protect your car from burglars this season:

  • Lock all car doors, and make sure windows are shut after you park
  • Do not store gifts or other valuables on the seats where they may be visible
  • If you have a garage, park inside instead of on the street
  • Make sure any installed car alarm or security systems work properly