New Thanksgiving Traditions

Roasted pepper turkey for Thanksgiving, garnished with pink pepper, blackberry, and fresh rosemary twigs on a dinner table decorated with mini pumpkins, beans, carrots, baked potato, pie, cranberry relish, gravy, flowers, candles, and flutes of champagne.”n


There are a few things we think of when we think of Thanksgiving: family, friends, a few bottles of wine, a cheese platter, a mouthwatering menu, pie… and more pie. Beyond that, well, it’s up to you. Over the years, your family has probably developed some beloved traditions associated with Turkey Day, from the food you serve for Thanksgiving dinner (hello, mom’s famous stuffing) to what you do pre- and post-feast (watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in bed, break out a challenging jigsaw puzzle and gather around the tv to watch the big game.

This year’s festivities, though, are bound to look a little different in light of the ongoing pandemic and social distancing. Yes, you might have to skip a few of your oldest traditions, but that also makes it the perfect time to add a few activities that you haven’t done. Here’s a list of our favorite modern Thanksgiving traditions—and not all are about food:

·        Take part in a turkey trot
·        Dine al fresco
·        Try a new recipe
·        Set up a Bloody Mary bar
·        Connect with family far and wide on Zoom
·        Keep a gratitude jar
·        Watch a classic holiday movie
·        Host a virtual game night
·        Go for a post-dinner walk

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, as a family, or just as a couple, all of these ideas for Thanksgiving traditions celebrated are sure to make you count your blessings and feel more grateful than ever.

Your friends at Apollo Insurance Services are thankful for you and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!