Make your home eco-friendly


Change your light bulbs

Trade in your old, incandescent, and compact fluorescents for eco-friendly products like LED lightbulbs. They cost a bit more, but LEDs are more energy efficient and use less electricity. In fact, Energy Star rated products use approximately 70-90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs, which can save you money on your electric bill.

Wash your clothes in cold water

About 90 percent of the energy used to do laundry on a hot cycle goes into heating the water. Cold water can clean your clothes just as effectively.

Clean Out your Dryer Lint Trap

In keeping with the laundry theme, be sure to clean your dryer’s lint filter trap before every load, and clean the dryer ducts at least once a year. Lint build-up can reduce air circulation in the dryer, so it has to work overtime to get the job done. On a warmer, sunny day, use a clothesline and let Mother Nature do the rest. Also to note, unruly lint is a common cause of house fires – which is another great reason to keep those filters clean.

Utilize the Sun

You can help lower your cooling and heating bills by regulating how much natural light you allow into your home. On cool days, open your drapes and blinds to allow the sun to help warm up your home naturally. On hot days, draw curtains and blinds to keep the heat of the sun out – especially at peak periods during the day. Drawing curtains or closing shutters at dusk can reduce heat loss by 15-17 percent.

Speaking of utilizing the sun, consider purchasing a solar panel. Since the panels rely on sunlight so long as the sun is shining, they produce clean energy all year long. Look into the Greener Homes Grant, which provides financial assistance for those who want to incorporate solar energy into their home design.

Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

Did you know that many of the products you already buy for your pantry (such as vinegar, salt and lemons) can also double as cleaning products? Stop paying for fancy cleaners that contain ammonia and other toxic chemicals that end up in our soil and water.

Your friends at Apollo Insurance Services hope you can incorporate some (or all) of these into your life.