Important Update

We just wanted to send you this friendly reminder about the importance of making your premium payments on time.

As a result of the changes in the property and casualty marketplace, and the multitude of sources used to determine eligibility, most insurance companies have also placed restrictions on offering reinstatement of coverage when a policy cancels for non-payment, often leaving unknowing customers with a lapse in coverage or worse, no coverage at all!

You can avoid cancellation of your coverage for non-payment by simply paying your premium before the due date. This is especially important when it comes to your auto insurance as it has been the most difficult product to remarket.

Options for paying on time:

  • Use the company website or call the insurance company directly to pay by phone.
  • Contact Apollo Insurance Services at 800.426.1088, option 3
  • Set your account up on auto-payment from your bank account or credit card.
  • U.S. Postal service making sure you allow plenty of time for delivery.

Over the past several years the Property and Casualty Insurance industry has been impacted by deteriorating loss results. Contributing to this are natural disasters, the legal climate in California for liability claims, including habitability lawsuits, modern technology installed in vehicles driving up the cost of repairs, and skyrocketing reported claims, resulting in increased premiums or a reduction in coverage.

Also of concern is the increased risk of wildfires which has caused a strain on Property Insurance companies in California, with many operating at full capacity and some even discontinuing accepting new policies altogether. As a result, property owners who have not had to seek a new insurance company in years are now facing limited options.

For more information, please contact us at 800.426.1088, option 3 or

Thank you for your understanding.