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June Newsletter

Staff Spotlight - Sherrie Des Georges

Sherrie is the Vice President of Operations at Apollo and helps keep things running smoothly with her leadership. Besides being efficient and organized, she has extensive knowledge and experience in property and casualty insurance. Sherrie oversees the customer service team and administrative staff. She also maintains Apollo's licensing, manages relationships with all of the insurance companies we represent, plans and facilitates our on-going insurance training and keeps us aware of any new products and technological updates.

In her spare time, Sherrie usually enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and 2 dogs. She's a very caring person and a real animal lover. She often rescues animals (and sometimes stray people). When she's not on the beach taking in the surf and sand, she can be found in the audience cheering for her grand kids, Gracie & Grant perform on competitive dance teams. She's a true fan and often enjoys watching their performances again & sharing them with us.

Sherrie is a true joy to have as one of Apollo's leaders since she not only has knowledge but is passionate about everything she does!

Tying the Knot? Tie up loose ends with Wedding Insurance

Getting married is a big step that you’re no doubt commemorating with a big celebration. And, that often comes with a (fairly) big price tag. So, have you considered insuring the whole to-do? As with other sizeable investments, you can insure big events, such as your wedding. But, that’s not the only way insurance can play a role in your big day and the events that follow. Here are four tips for insuring your wedding, rings and more:

Big day, big investment – protect it
Of course you want your big day to go off without a hitch. But, you also want to prepare for those pesky “what ifs.” What if the caterer backs out? What if the bride’s dress gets lost in her checked baggage? What if your venue goes out of business? Event insurance typically covers unexpected issues with the site, weather, vendors and illness or injury, so you aren’t stuck with the tab. For example, if you need to find a new caterer the day before the wedding, your policy may help with the costs. 

Say ‘I do’ to covering your rings
Regardless of the monetary value of your engagement and wedding rings, it’s important to protect your investment — preferably right after you purchase them. We can help. Call us from the jewelry store if you like, and we’ll schedule your new bling on your renters insurance, condo insurance or homeowners insurance. 

Cover your bases by covering your gifts
While you’re dancing the night away, you don’t want someone walking away with your gifts. But, unfortunately, it happens. You may want to consider a policy to protect your gifts. And, of course, you’ll want to include them as part of your home inventory and personal property coverage. Some items, such as collectibles and china, may need scheduled coverage, just like your rings.

Start your honeymoon right
If your honeymoon costs as much as a car, it may make sense to get travel insurance. Policies can include coverage for trip cancellation or delay, and even medical insurance. Whether your wedding is a small family affair or the biggest event of the year, you deserve to have a stress-free day. Let us help you select the insurance coverage you want for your wedding and everything that goes along with it. So, when the big day arrives, all you have to worry about is having a great time! For a free wedding insurance quote,click here.

Priceless Pets Donation Drive

We held our annual donation drive for our local pet rescue shelter, Priceless Pets on May 18th from noon until 4:00pm here at the Shoppes at Chino Hills. Everyone here at Apollo is passionate about saving animals and helping them find a loving home. In fact most of us here own more than one pet and would love to adopt more!

Our booth was set up outside in the promenade across from Victoria Secret's Pink Store next to the fountain. Audrey, a volunteer at Priceless Pets came out and brought Oscar, an adorable white chihuahua with a sweet, calm personality that was available for adoption.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, we collected many needed items to help Priceless Pets keep rescuing and finding forever homes for dogs and cats. Some of the items we collected were pet food, dishes, beds, paper towels, detergent, treats, collars and leashes. All of them are important for Priceless Pets and their furry friends.

It was a great day and we are so happy we were able to help this great organization!

Fun Things to do with Dad on Father's Day

Are you looking for a simple and meaningful Father’s Day activity that will help you to bond with your dad?

This year, put down the striped tie and instead, check out these fun father-child activities that you can both enjoy.These events are perfect for children of all ages and dads with all different interests. You’re sure to make lasting memories.

Play Golf
Whether dad is a pro on the golf course or more of an ace at putt-putt, an afternoon of golf is fun for fathers and kids alike. If you’re both beginners, start off with mini golf for a bit of friendly competition!

Take Him to a Ball Game
It’s America’s favorite pastime, right? Your dad is sure to enjoy a baseball game, even if it’s one of a local minor league or a community softball game.

Bowling is right up dad’s alley. Bring the whole family along for a day full of competition and good old fashioned fun.

Visit a Historic Site
Is your dad a veteran or history buff? Visiting a history museum, war memorial, or historic site in your area may just fulfill his Father’s Day wishes. Pack his favorite sandwich and snacks and enjoy a picnic nearby.

Go on a Bike Ride
Spending the day cruising around on two wheels is fun and healthy for dad and kids! Whether you cruise along the beach or bike along a local trail, this is perfect for any active father.

Build Something
Perhaps your father is more of a hands-on guy. Making some time to spend with him building a birdhouse or bookcase could make his day – and you’ll learn a little, too!

Your friends at Apollo hope you make some wonderful memories this Father's Day!


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