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October Newsletter

Staff Spotight - Cristina Moreno
Welcome to Cristina - the newest member of the Apollo family! Cristina joined us recently as our receptionist and besides being the friendly face that greets our customers, she handles a lot of our vital business such as reporting and correspondence.

Cristina is attending college as a Business Major. She enjoys spending time with family barbecuing at home.  On the weekends, she loves hiking Skyline and other beautiful locales here in warm and sunny California.  Another passion for her is shopping and she makes the most of our office location right here in the center of The Shoppes at Chino Hills where she can browse many stores during her lunch hour. 

If you happen to stop by our office, please say hello to Cristina! She is sure to make you feel right at home.

Steering Clear of Wildlife

California's roads are full of cars — but often, they’re also full of wildlife. That’s why an estimated 2 million vehicle-animal collisions happen each year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Fall and winter constitute the most dangerous periods for these incidents. Visibility is reduced, thanks to the shorter days and inclement weather, and it’s also migration and mating season for many animals. But, you can still take steps to decrease the chances you’ll hit an animal. Here are five things to do:

1.    Be particularly alert at dawn and dusk. Visibility is low at these times, and animal activity is high.

2.    Keep an eye out for signs. If you’re in an area where wildlife is common, you may see posted warnings.

3.    Watch your speed. Avoiding any kind of collision is easier if you’re travelling at an appropriate rate of speed. And, it’s not just about the speed limit. In certain conditions, driving under the speed limit is more optimal.

4.    See an animal? Look for more. Missing one animal doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods, so to speak. There are probably others around.

5.    Don’t swerve. If possible, don’t make any wild maneuvers. You could end up hitting something worse than an animal — like another car — or going into a ditch or down an embankment. Use your brakes, use your horn, and use your good judgment.

Sometimes, though, collisions just can’t be avoided. If you do hit an animal, here’s what to do next:

Call 911 for assistance, especially if there are injuries to you or passengers.

·         Don’t touch the animal. They can be dangerous, even when hurt.

·         Document the accident scene and the damage to your car.

·         Get in touch with your insurance carrier or with us.

Keep in mind that the same attributes that make for safe everyday driving can also help you avoid animal collisions: Remain alert, maintain a safe speed for conditions and avoid distractions. Also, be sure to carry adequate car insurance in case something – animal-related or otherwise – does happen.

Dive into this pile of pet health tips!

Fall may be a fun time to howl at the harvest moon, but if you're not careful, autumn can cause problems for your furry friends. Here's what to watch for as the temperature turns cool.

Nut case
Fallen orchard fruits and nuts can become choking hazards or foreign body ingestion. Always clear the ground before your pet goes out to play.

Heap of trouble
Keep the compost heap out of paws' reach when tidying up the garden. Decaying plant material can contain mycotoxins, which can quickly sicken dogs and cats.

Up to scratch
Fleas seek heat when nights turn cooler--and what's more inviting than our warm, furry friends? Fortunately, flea infestations are easy to avoid. Stock up on preventives and don't miss a dose.

Protect your pet in time for fall! Click here for a free quote.


Take us with you!

The Apollo Customer Portal is now available as a mobile app that you can download to your iPhone or Android. If you have already signed up to our customer portal, then you can download the app and start using it on your phone. If you haven't already signed up, you still can, just click here.

The mobile app allows you to:

·         Review all your active policies, including the details of your coverage

·         Save, print or email your auto ID card

If you need to request any changes to your policy, you'll need to login to the online portal from your laptop or desktop computer or call us at 800.426,1088, option 3.

We hope you enjoy the convenience of having us in your pocket!