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November Newsletter

Staff Spotight - Deanna Dekker
Deanna is one of Apollo's seasoned employees with 22 years of experience throughout the company. She started working as an administrative assistant and was promoted to a Customer Service Representative and then to a Customer Service Supervisor. Deanna's knowledge of insurance products, cheery personality and ability to provide advice and guidance on helping protect what's essential, put her on a fast track to become an Insurance Consultant. She enjoys the interaction with you, our customer and helping find the best coverage for your individual needs.

When Deanna is away from the office, she loves spending time with her family. Her daughter is a junior in college studying criminal psychology and hopes one day to join the FBI. Her son is a sophomore at Ayala H.S. who enjoys playing football with the Bulldogs. As a matter of fact, football is one of Deanna's favorite past times. Besides cheering for her son, she loves rooting for the San Francisco 49ers. Actually Deanna is a die-hard sports fan, she loves them all - Nascar, Angels baseball, Ducks hockey and The Golden State Warriors are among her favorite teams.

Apollo is lucky to have Deanna on our team. We hope that you have the opportunity to speak with her if you haven't already had the pleasure!


Thanksgiving Travel Tips

The holiday season is nearing, and while most of us are excited to spend time with friends and family, many of us also dread the thought of having to deal with traveling to see them. Thanksgiving is one of, if not the most traveled holidays of the year with endless delays, traffic, and interruptions occurring everywhere. Regardless of whether you are flying or driving, you’ll be thankful for these Thanksgiving travel tips.

1. Allow extra time.
If you’re flying, be sure to arrive at the airport close to two hours before you’re scheduled to take off. This will ensure that you’ll have time to get through security lines, as well as reduce any stress you may experience while getting to your assigned gate. If you’re driving, always factor in some flexibility for your arrival time to allow for any stops or heavy traffic you may run into along the way.

2. Choose travel times wisely.
If possible, try traveling on off days such as Monday or Tuesday and returning home on another week day rather than the weekend. One of the other options is to fly on Thanksgiving when prices will be cheaper and less people will be traveling on the actual holiday.

3. Pack a carry on.
It’s always a good idea to pack light and carry on your bag, but keep in mind that other travelers will all have the same idea and overhead space may be tight on board. Try your best to pack only the essentials and lighten your load
4. Download useful apps.
Before you go, download a few of the most popular travel apps such as FlightTrack Pro, Packpoint, GateGuru, Waze, and  GasBuddy, to help you manage everything from tracking your flights, to avoiding  traffic, to providing a packing list to make your life easier.

5. Purchase travel insurance through your friends at Apollo. 
Many people only think to purchase travel insurance if they’re planning a long, far away trip that they see as potentially dangerous. Truth is, the chances for travel disruptions are always there, especially when traveling during one of the busiest seasons. Just visit for more information and a free quote.

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Thanksgiving Disaster Savers

You’ve spend days planning and preparing for your Thanksgiving meal so all the dishes will be perfect for your family and friends.  Well if things don’t exactly as planned, the pros at have some great tips to save the day and make it as delicious as you had hoped.

Turkey troubles

·         If you forgot to thaw your turkey, just seal it in a plastic bag and submerge it in cold water. Refresh the water every 30 minutes. Thawing will take 30 minutes per pound.

·         If you overcooked your bird and it’s dry, you can carve slices and spritz with broth to moisten then heat in the oven in a covered baking pan.

Gravy gone bad

·         If your gravy is lumpy, just pour it through a strainer to catch the lumps and reheat the strained gravy.

·         If your gravy is thin, mix one part cornstarch and one part cold water. Whisk in a little at a time, then bring to a boil to thicken.

Sad Stuffing

·         If your stuffing is too dry, toss it with a little warm broth or melted butter until lightly moistened. Cover with foil and heat in the oven until steaming.

·         If your stuffing happens to be too wet, spread it out on a baking sheet and heat in the oven to dry it out.

Tater Traumas

·         If your mashed potatoes are gummy, just spoon them into a buttered baking dish, top with butter and cheese and bake until browned.

·         If they’re lumpy, add a little warm milk and butter and mash until smooth.

Dessert Drama

·         If the edges of your pie crust are a bit well done, remove the edges completely and decorate the rim with whipped cream.

·         If the pumpkin pie got cracked, just smooth the crack with a warmed spatula or cover with whipped cream. Whipped cream is your friend!

All of your friends here at Apollo Insurance Services wish you a happy & delicious Thanksgiving!


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