Does standard auto, homeowners or renters’ policies cover e-bikes?

Electric bikes generally have limited to no coverage under a standard homeowners or renters insurance policy because they’re categorized as a motorized vehicle and that creates a gap in protection. A standard auto will generally not offer coverage for e-bikes either as e-bikes cannot be listed as vehicles on such policies. Whether it was stolen or damaged, replacement or repair costs would have to come out of the owner’s pocket. Additionally, if the operator crashes and causes bodily injuries to them self or third parties resulting in medical costs and other damages, that too would have to be paid by the operator and/or owner of the e-bike.

If you own and ride an e-bike, you’ll need a policy designed for e-bikes to be covered, which may include an e-bike insurance policy or, in some cases, a motorcycle policy. but even if the law does not have an insurance requirement for e-bikes, you are still legally liable for damage you may cause while operating one. In the case of minors, their parents may be liable for such damages.