Candle Safety

Your “Burning Love” Shouldn’t Ignite the House

What could be better for creating that perfect romantic Valentine’s Day mood than a favorite dinner at home, gazing out at that moonlit ocean or mountain range by candlelight?

But be careful with those candles so that you don’t ignite something you don’t intend! Take these tips from the National Candle Association on how to use candles safely:

• Be sure all candles are extinguished before you leave the room
• Never extinguish candles with water
• Keep clothing, blankets, pillows and other flammables away from lit candles
• Keep them out of reach of pets and children
• Place candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface
• Use a holder specifically designed for candles
• Burning candles should be at least three inches apart, and not near vents, ceiling fans or other air currents
• Ensure the room is well ventilated

By taking these precautions, you can spend Valentine’s Day the way you planned—and not by filing a home insurance claim!

Everyone at Apollo Insurance Services wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!