A poem for the times


empty, straight road heading towards new year 2020 - happy new year concept,

2020 is a year

Which was filled with hope

That soon became fear

First a famous star fell from the sky

Which had everyone mourning and wondering why

Then we heard of a virus that spreads fast and kills

And can’t be cured with needles or pills

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face

Became the new mantra and life’s new pace

They closed all the schools, the restaurants and bars

We now stay at home and we can’t go far

Social distancing and wearing masks

These are a few of our difficult tasks

And then we soon realized we have the same goal

Hoarding toilet paper roll after roll

We try not to worry about our dwindling stocks

While we work at home in our pjs and socks

Bingeing Tiger King – could it be real?

But we know that our own lives have become so surreal

We long to be back to the way that it was

With people we cherish and in times that are better

But for now we know we’re all in this together